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If you’ve been paying attention to my social media or the other pages on this website you know Do Grave Harm, book 1 in my new multi-genre series, Blue Bald Falls, is finally available across all formats.

Yahoo! Yippity do-dah! It’s been a loong, loong, time coming for this story and to say I’m thrilled is too tame.

I’ve said on this blog many times that my characters come from a lot of different places and people I’ve met over my lifetime. Some were just passing acquaintances but a phrase they spoke, a way they held their heads, stuck and my memory and suddenly showed up in one of the characters.

But at the heart of every heroine or protagonist, there is me.  Egotistical maybe, but there you have it.

In Do Grave Harm, Jennifer, is probably more me than any other character I’ve ever written. I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2014. We caught it early, did a lumpectomy and was hopeful it would end there. After the surgery was complete, we learned my type of cancer, Her2+, was particularly aggressive and needed a year of chemo and 30-35 radiation treatments.

It was devastating news, but I decided it was only a year out of my life. How bad could it be? As the treatment progressed, story ideas began to filter through my mind. I’d never written a mystery before (romantic suspense and comedy are in my wheelhouse) but the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded.

Fast forward two years later and Do Grave Harm is finally ready for prime time. It was an incredible journey writing this story. I would not wish what I went through to get here on anyone, but know so many of us face daunting diagnoses like Jennifer’s every day.

That’s why a portion of all proceeds will be donated to metastatic breast cancer research  and Circle of Hope, an East Tennessee foundation thats helps people in this area pay for their treatment. Every October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, the total proceeds from this book will be donated to those charities.

Happy reading!



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A southern girl, Trixie traveled north when she found the love of her life. Together, they enjoyed more than 20 years working as journalists. Now back home in Tennessee she’s writing stories that range from short hot romances with a kiss of humor to southern-flavored mysteries. She lives seven miles from the neighborhood where she grew up with two cats, an senior beagle-mix and a host of characters waiting for her to tell their stories.”

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