To pie or not to pie

East Tennessee in the spring means fresh, luscious strawberries. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with them.

When I was a child (we’re talking the 1960s, now), my family went to a nearby farm to pick them. It was a family affair. The goal, which my father was quick to repeat often and with ever-increasing volume, was get as many berries as possible – a bushel and a peck, were his exact words. (For those of a statistical bent – that would be 40 quarts total.)

He actually wanted us to get more as he had just purchased a new chest freezer.

Everyone else focused on picking quickly to get home. I appointed myself quality control officer. (Translation: eat more, pick less.) My family was not happy with my efforts.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago when I came home with a crate plus two quarts of the sweetest, prettiest berries ever.  (I did not pick them this time!)

After freezing most, I looked at the berries with a gleam in my eye. With company headed my way, I decided to make a pie.
I’m not a great cook or baker. In fact, most of the time I take so many shortcuts I really can’t say it’s handmade.

But I was pleased with the effort on this occasion.

I think my company agreed. When they left three days later, this was the remains. LOL

People have fussed when I didn’t run the recipe in the past, so here it is. As a former journalist, I know to credit the author. Problem is, I have no clue. I may have swiped it from the back of a package of glaze.

Anyway, here’s the recipe.


Trixie’s Easy Strawberry pie


1 quart fresh whole strawberries, capped (slice 1/4 to line sides of pie)

One frozen pie crust (bake as directed & cool)

1  16 oz. pack of Wicks Pie glaze (strawberry, of course!)

Whipped topping

After pie crust has cooled, slice 1/4  of berries and line them along the sides. Fill bottom of crust with whole berries (more is always better ) and fill any gaps with remaining sliced.

Squeeze out glaze and spread evenly over fruit.

Add whole strawberries around the edge of the crust. Chill until ready to eat.  I add whipped cream on each slice because I make less of a mess, but covering the whole thing looks impressive too.

What’s your favorite summer treat?


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A southern girl, Trixie traveled north when she found the love of her life. Together, they enjoyed more than 20 years working as journalists. Now back home in Tennessee she’s writing stories that range from short hot romances with a kiss of humor to southern-flavored mysteries. She lives seven miles from the neighborhood where she grew up with two cats, an senior beagle-mix and a host of characters waiting for her to tell their stories.”

3 thoughts on “To pie or not to pie”

  1. That pie looks absolutely scrumptious! It reminds me of when I first moved to Las Vegas, I looked for any excuse to travel to southern California–so I could stop at the…oh, that’s horrible; I forget the name of the restaurant…anyway the highlight of every trip was going to the restaurant in Barstow and having strawberry pie. I often threatened to have it both coming and going, and the guy who took me to the LA County Art Museum supported such lunacy. I had two huge pieces the same day–and definitely regretted it the next day. But a week later, I was again trying to figure out an excuse to head down the freeway!

    And then there were the homemade strawberry preserves made by the restauranteur in Seligman AZ, where my husband and I bought 40 acres of land and built a house with our own four hands. The homemade preserves were for sale, and I took a jar home. Unfortunately, the next year she had discontinued her homemade preserves (said she couldn’t get enough tasty strawberries)–and the store-bought ones she served with the breakfast we’d gone to town for couldn’t begin to compare!

  2. Fruit like any fruit – blend it with yogurt then freeze and walla I have frozen healthy ice cream – I can eat a pound of strawberries in a sitting – any fruit really -it’s like lay’s chips you can’t just eat one

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